Solution of any business cases of demolition and dismantling work on the basis of evaluation of the current state of the demolished object, acquaintance with project documentation, site inspection, determination of a specific technological process of demolition and deployment of suitable machinery.

Demolition of objects

Solution of any business cases of demolition and dismantling work based on evaluation of the current state of the demolished object, acquaintance with project documentation, site inspection, determination of specific demolition process and deployment of suitable machinery, specification of requirements based on physical inspection and customer requirements, selection of landfills with emphasis for the greatest possible use of the generated waste in order to reduce the costs of demolition – offer price.

Based on the input information, a cost calculation is prepared, which together with the draft contract forms an price offer to carry out demolition work. In the absence of project documentation, we will ensure the elaboration of the necessary PD, its discussion and permission to demolish the object.

We provide demolition and dismantling work for all types of buildings, including all types and methods of structural disposition and material characteristics.


In the field of earthworks, we perform all work and services related to land preparation and construction of new objects and complexes of buildings, including land preparation structures, construction lines and road constructions.


As part of remediation work, which can be defined as the adoption of measures to repair damage caused by human activity on the landscape or property / buildings, equipment, parts of buildings / we perform the restoration and the actual disposal of the causes and consequences of damage. Remedial measures taken in the landscape are revitalization and recultivation. We also provide disposal of environmental accidents.

Waste management

As part of demolition remediation work, we dispose of all waste that is generated due activities performed. We also dispose of waste generated due to construction activities / excavated soil /. Waste is transported pursuant waste legislation. For certain types of waste, we provide sampling and professional analysis at an accredited laboratory. We carry out recovery of wastes where possible, eg recycling, where the result is the reuse of material, eg in construction activities.

Machinery, transport

Machinery and technical equipment allow us to perform demolition and construction work and activities with our own mechanization, which corresponds to current technical trends and reduces labor and thus the cost of work. Technical means are divided into classes for individual work operations, namely, demolition equipment and machinery with additional mechanization means such as hydraulic shears, hammers, etc. Loading and transport machinery for the transfer of waste from demolition work and soils from excavation work related to construction and remediation. Minor mechanization, including support and drilling special means, necessary for the preparation and implementation of complex demolition work and the implementation of object dilatations.

Engineering activities, consulting

Comprehensive services associated with the preparation and implementation of demolition work and separately also individual partial services. A comprehensive service in the preparation of demolition means the equivalent of a turnkey, when all the necessary documentation is prepared for the client, including a public legal hearing at the locally competent authority, securing the permission to remove the building. A comprehensive service within the implementation of demolition means demolition, removal and storage of waste, including approval of demolition work by the local authority. Provides engineering activities during construction.

We provide engineering services during the construction.

Special non-destructive activities

They represent advanced technologies for cutting concrete and reinforced concrete structures for the implementation of preparatory demolition work using wall, rope, circular diamond saws and core drilling. This technology is also used in the removal of entire buildings, including reinforced concrete chimneys and silos, large reinforced concrete technological structures and construction work where high accuracy of cuts and boreholes is required, eg: anchor holes, sampling, sufficient holes in vertical and horizontal structures. The main advantage is accuracy, minimal noise and dust. The cutting technology is not limited by the height of the object or the location in the building.

Special activities - micro blasts

These are small-scale blasts that disrupt, remove and release parts of concrete and reinforced concrete structures using lightweight and directional micro – charges. The construction of the charges and the location of the boreholes together create a mean to minimalize damages to buildings.

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