Complete deliveries of buildings from design, implementation to approval. Solution of any business cases of demolition and dismantling work based on evaluation of the current state of the demolished object, acquaintance with project documentation, site inspection, determination of specific demolition process and deployment of suitable machinery…

Construction of new buildings

We offer a complete supply of buildings in the form of a general contractor. Main Construction Work is carried out by our own employees.

Reconstruction, repair and revitalization

We specialize in repairs, partial or complete reconstructions and revitalizations of residential buildings, civic amenities or industrial buildings “TURNKEY” solution or just the supply of the required work of individual fields.

Facade insulation

We provide insulation of facade of prefab houses from footbridges or scaffolding. Insulation of family houses, apartment buildings, old buildings, civic amenities and industrial buildings.

Construction and reconstruction of houses

We perform repairs or complete reconstruction of houses, construction of new houses according to the project documentation of the customer. We are also able to offer technical advice on repair or reconstruction, architectural solutions, or other project constructions.

Construction and reconstruction of production halls

We carry out the construction, extensions or reconstruction of industrial buildings, including the construction of gas stations, WWTPs, etc ..


We are building a multi-purpose and children’s playground, including the supply of game elements, rubber surfaces and the provision of cast rubber surfaces.

Architectural designs - studies, consulting, design

A comprehensive service for your new construction or reconstruction – from the architect’s design to the project documentation, or professional advice on fine-tuning your project and any changes to the building before completion.



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